Sunday Snippets

I’m up at the orsm Jonas family’s farm with an incredible bunch of likeminded foodie lefty people.

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Sky love at Jonai Farms

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Beatrice and piggehs

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I’m up here with the fabulous Linda Kirkman — researcher of friends with benefits relationships among rural heterosexuals over 50, and earlier in her life, Australia’s first surrogate mother.

Here she is in yesterday’s Good Weekend:

Here’s a video interview I did at the AIDS2014 conference with Rex Pilgrim from ACT UP Queensland.  We talk about the three main responses to the media panic about deliberate HIV infection — the criminal law, public health management, and a supportive community response.


Lastly, I got to co-author an article with the incredibly talented Suzanne Nguyen — artist, designer, story collector and provoker of thoughtful conversations about the modern reality of race in Australia.  For Croakey, the Crikey health blog.

Click to visit:  Defining and responding to everyday racism