What are you looking for?

Every so often I post a Facebook update in a series I call “the Wisdom of Manhunt” (or Grindr).  They’re just quotes from people’s profiles on gay chat sites that made me LOL or WTF (and sometimes both in equal measure).  I love it when someone says something spiteful, e.g. ageist or racist, in such a way that it makes them sound incredibly foolish.

These posts always get a reaction from my friends — a mix of catty, hilarious remarks and thoughtful conversation on the issues involved. Someone recently said ‘hey, you should post these on your blog’.  It has been done before, with the infamous Douchebags of Grindr.  I admit to chuckling at first, but pretty soon the posts came to seem pretty douche-y themselves; there’s no moral high ground in the business of public humiliation.

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