Announcing The Firehose

I made a linkblog. I know, right? It’s like time travelling back to 2006.

The Firehose is a collection of spicy takes and thoughtful features, updated frequently. I’m a voracious reader and it’s a way of capturing and sharing what I’m reading. For a long time I shared these links on social media but I recently ditched twitter and the Facebook algorithm has become particularly unfriendly.

A picture of a red fire hydrant with brutalist stencil text in red saying 'The Firehose.'
Photo by Aleksey Shkitenkov at Unsplash

At the moment I am trying out Flipboard Magazines as a way of sharing links, because nobody needs another e-mail newsletter in their inbox!

(Unless it’s by Ann Deslandes, Erin Cook, Anne Helen Petersen, or Jess Ho.)

As you can see, the format is a lot like Pinterest, with tiles for each story:

Flipboard has a great app for browsing content but you can access The Firehose on the web β€” for free β€” without having to install the app.