Reply privileges

In my early twenties, that guy was me.  These days, I pick my battles.

At any given time, I have a lot on my mind or in my notebook, and not enough time/energy to write it up.  What I love about Facebook and blogging is that I get to talk to amazingly smart people, all around the world, about stuff we care about.

When someone misrepresents me, or tries to drag me off topic, they’re trying to waste my time on correcting them or fighting on multiple fronts.

In my head, people who do that lose their ‘reply privileges’.  Not their right to reply — which is endless — but their claim on my attention, time and energy.

If I post another message in the same thread, it will be for the audience, because I truly believe they’re smart enough to figure out what’s happening and discount it accordingly.  In gay men’s health, there’s so much we need to talk about, there’s just no point getting bogged down fighting old battles with people whose opinions are never going to change.

Author: Daniel Reeders

I study the cultural dimensions of the social governance of health.

One thought on “Reply privileges”

  1. You are blind!
    You are deluded into thinking that no one but you can be right!
    This is clearly a childish, passive aggressive attack on the comments on your previous blog post!
    You incorrectly quote one person, fail to comprehend the words of another, and when this is pointed out to you, you blatantly treat them as stupid and below your regard!
    I truly believe your audience is smart enough to figure out what’s happening and discount your bullshit accordingly.

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