Cocktail or Condom

This is just brilliant.  Clever, intriguing, and subtle – nothing too heavy-handed.  Nice work, AIDS Vancouver! — Dan

Author: Daniel Reeders

I study the cultural dimensions of the social governance of health.

2 thoughts on “Cocktail or Condom”

  1. I’m not 100% with you on this one. Firstly, I find it troubling that this type of campaign presents HIV treatment in such a negative way – that can have the effect of discouraging some people who are HIV-positive to take treatment (which in turn can have prevention implications).

    Secondly, the message is very black-and-white. “Either use condoms or you’ll have to take nasty pills for the rest of your life”? That ignores other risk reduction practices and doesn’t leave any options for people for whom condoms are (for whatever reason) not an option.

    Nice animation though.

  2. I sometimes joke that we should invite neg men to use condoms in order to “keep the public out of your health” — pointing out that nobody much enjoys seeing their doctor for routine medico-legal surveillance. But you make a good point, and thanks for commenting.

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